Your 30 day guide to 

5 simple ways to build confidence, silence self-doubt and take bold action toward your big ideas!

You know there's MORE for you and you’re ready to confidently pursue your big ideas.

You’re craving community and want to surround yourself with others who also dream BIG, because there aren’t a lot of people in your life who “get” your vision.

You’re growth-minded. You want to plug into conversations that empower you, and remind you of what you’re capable of.

You sometimes feel like an imposter or second-guess your big ideas and you need a little encouragement + confidence to GO for your dreams

You know you don’t want to do business (or life) alone!


This challenge is a must if:

Why you actually shouldn’t feel 100% confident all the time, and how to take action in spite of fear

How to silence your inner critic (or at least turn down the volume on her megaphone)

Where real confidence actually comes from (and how to tap into it daily)

Understanding the comparison trap and how to free yourself from it

How to overcome the naysayers & find other people who “get” your big vision and will speak LIFE into your dreams


What we will cover during the challenge:

No matter how you feel right now,
you CAN build the confidence you need to go after your BIG ideas
(and you don't have to do it alone)

If you're ready to stop watching everyone else create the life they desire and  START CLAIMING IT FOR YOURSELF, you're not going to
want to miss this.


Lindsey Schwartz, 
Founder Of Powerhouse Women

Hi, I’m Lindsey - Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Women. A global community for ambitious women to connect, collaborate and have real conversations about their BIG ideas.

When Powerhouse Women was just the seed of an idea, I would look around at other successful women and think “wow, they have it SO together”. I’d compare it to myself and how I was constantly second-guessing my own ideas, paralyzed by the fear of showing up, being judged, and not knowing the next "right" steps to take. I had to work at building my confidence, it didn't always come naturally.

The 5 confidence codes I'm going to teach you over the next 30 days are what I wish I knew when starting out.

These codes are the exact keys that helped me unlock my own confidence, go all in on my big ideas, and create the business I have today (and I know they will help you too!) 

That feeling inside that you are meant for more was given to YOU for a reason, and no matter how you feel right now, you can cultivate the confidence to go after your dreams and make the impact you know you're meant to make.

Best of all, you don't have to do any of it alone!