Finish the year proud of yourself...

The Finish Strong 3-day challenge will help you maximize the last 100 days of 2021, break your BIG ideas down into manageable steps, and create the confidence that comes from keeping promises to yourself.

Because it doesn’t matter how you start, it’s how you finish that counts.

Let’s Finish Strong together.

And sometimes, all we need to make our wildest dreams a reality is accountability, momentum, and a support system cheering us on.

This is for the woman who keeps saying, “Someday”...

For the woman who is ready for something MORE but her BIG ideas overwhelm her…

For the woman who feels STUCK

For the woman who has reached her goals and wants to be inspired to think even BIGGER...

You’re not meant to do business (or life) alone!


● Three LIVE calls hosted by Powerhouse Women founder Lindsey Schwartz... where you’ll gain clarity around your vision, break it down into manageable action steps, and feel undeniable confidence that anything is possible. (Because it is!)

Powerhouse Women goal tracking sheets... that measure your progress, keep you focused, and squash overwhelm. These are the ones we use for our own launches & BIG ideas!

Weekly reflection & journal prompts... to keep your mind in the game and playing at your highest self… because what is strategy without mindset!?

An exclusive invitation to the Powerhouse community... where like-minded women are there to support you, cheer you on, and hold you accountable.

PLUS THREE epic giveaways for showing up LIVE on the calls!


Your Finish Strong Challenge Host…
Lindsey Schwartz

Founder of Powerhouse Women, best-selling author & top podcast host.


You can accomplish a lot in 100 days, especially if you have a clear action plan, a rock-solid support system, and massive accountability around your goals.

I honestly used to think that I had to wait for inspiration or confidence before my big ideas would really come to life. But here’s what I’ve learned:

Inspiration comes through taking consistent ACTION and confidence comes through making (and keeping) promises to ourselves. 

That’s exactly why we’ve created the Finish Strong Challenge— to equip you with everything you need to maximize the final 100 days of the year and make some serious progress toward your big ideas. 

I believe that no matter how you started this year, it’s how you FINISH that matters. And I want you to finish the year proud of yourself, knowing that you’re on the right track to make your big dreams a reality, and knowing that you’re not meant to do it alone. 

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