Are you ready to take a leap of faith, but have wavering certainty? How do you support yourself in the seasons when you’ve made a big commitment and you’re taking action, but you’re not quite seeing results yet? This is the exact question that my husband Elliot and I are navigating right now as he […]


May 25, 2023

How To Maintain Certainty for Success

In the last two years, I’ve been on a journey to unravel what sparks feelings within me that I’m not enough or I’m not taking enough action towards my goals. By getting curious about the root of these fears, I realized that I was using them as motivators, even though they led to physical and […]


May 23, 2023

Tips For When You Feel Not “Enough”

Get ready to hear so many insightful questions about navigating transitions, making aligned decisions, and overcoming limiting beliefs during uncertain times. The Q&A that Lori Harder, Natalie Ellis and I hosted after the most recent Living Room Session blew us away. We share our tips for staying anchored in your vision and unapologetically celebrating your […]


May 19, 2023

Navigating Transitions & Decision Making

Lori Harder and I host a Q&A session with the audience where we cover everything from friendships and relationships, to your personal brand!

Enneagram Expert and Master Performance Coach Tracy O’Malley is the number one tool in my kit anytime I’m doing high-level coaching. I’ve experienced firsthand the difference it makes when you live in alignment with your Enneagram type and have a deeper understanding of why you do the things you do.  Not only has learning about […]


May 18, 2023

Using Enneagram To Accelerate Transformation

Over the years, I’ve come up with three go-to strategies for supporting myself when I feel stuck and indecisive about my next move.

As ambitious women, burnout is something so many of us face. In today’s episode, I’m sharing five things I do to stay on track when life feels overwhelming.  Besides checking off the basics like quality sleep and nutrition, I try to give myself permission to spend time in my own energy and only consume content […]


May 16, 2023

5 Ways To Avoid Burnout

Do you even realize the power of pivoting? Natalie Ellis, CEO and co-founder of bossbabe, joins Lori and I to talk all about the transitional seasons of life and business. We look back on times when we had the courage to change course and explore new ideas. Even when people around us didn’t fully validate […]


May 12, 2023

The Power of Pivoting

It’s time to take back control of your creative energy! After eight years as a blogger and content creator, Venessa Kaufman, aka @wetheclassy, noticed a huge shift in the social media space. What started as a way to build community turned into a marketing engine that was draining her energy and creativity. That’s where The […]


May 11, 2023

Take Control Of Your Creative Energy

In a world that celebrates the overnight success story, are you willing to show up and create the results that you desire?

Want to learn how to boldly ask for what you want and increase your chance of getting a yes? Asking for what you want might seem simple. But for so many of us, we unintentionally slow down our progress. We don’t want to feel like a burden or face rejection. I’m sharing three tips that […]


May 9, 2023

How to Boldly Ask For Anything You Want

It can be so hard to see that you’re growing. Learn what becoming the next level version of yourself actually looks and feels like.

If you dream of monetizing your community and platform, but get overwhelmed at the thought of setting your rates and negotiating brand deals with confidence, CreatorSource was made for you.  Ashley LeMieux is a content creator and co-founder of CreatorSource, a new platform with all the tools and strategies to navigate the world of influencer […]


May 4, 2023

How To Start Monetizing Your Platform

Want to know why you should step into the discomfort? Because it's worse knowing you have a bigger purpose and NOT pursuing it.

Through lots of trial and error, we’ve come up with strategies that help create excitement not only for events, but really for anything that we’re launching. This is our sixth year in business for Powerhouse Women and our seventh annual event. It feels surreal to even be able to say that. And this is your […]


May 2, 2023

Strategies To Sell Out Your First Event Or Launch

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” We know it can be difficult to connect with people who understand...