Ever wondered why growth feels so uncomfortable? I don’t know about you, but for me this current season is one of change. Mostly positive change, but change nonetheless.  It’s like I’m shedding an old identity and stepping into a new one…which can feel uncomfortable, confronting, and uncertain. If you’re feeling any of these same feelings […]


September 28, 2023

Why Growth Feels Uncomfortable

Entrepreneur and author Tina Wells joins me on the show today to talk about her journey from burnout to harmony.

How To Discover Your Purpose, Make Bold Decisions + Build An Aligned Business with Human Design Expert, Emma Dunwoody Ever wish life and business came with a manual? Hannah and I have become obsessed with Human Design. It’s changing the way we do business together, leveraging each of our superpowers as business partners. Human Design […]


September 28, 2023

How to Discover Your Purpose

"What if there are other women currently doing what I want to do?" What should you do about this? Here's what helped me!

Close your eyes and imagine your future self. The version of you who has accomplished the goals, has the relationships, and wakes up living your ideal day. If you really want to become her, you’re gonna need to start acting like her. In this episode, mindset and action come together to help you powerfully tap […]


September 26, 2023

How To Identify As Your Future Self Now

Feeling certain that you’re capable of achieving your goals is crucial for going after big ideas, but I know that’s easier said than done.

Email List Growth Hacks, Branding Strategies + More: LIVE from Powerhouse Women 2023 with Amy Porterfield, Ronne Brown, and Lori Harder Want to know what Amy Porterfield, Ronne Brown, Lori Harder and I would do if we had to start our businesses from scratch? The Powerhouse Women event just keeps getting better and better every […]


September 21, 2023

Growth Hacks + Branding Strategies

Strengthen Your Intuition, Know When To Let Go or Pivot + Make Room For Growth with These Four Questions How do you tell the difference between something you need to stick with and see through vs something it’s time to let go of? We made a big decision recently here at Powerhouse Women to phase […]


September 19, 2023

How to Know When To Let Go or Pivot

Want to know why you should step into the discomfort? Because it's worse knowing you have a bigger purpose and NOT pursuing it.

Ready for the strategies to monetize community and events of ANY size? Hannah and I are answering your most asked questions about how to monetize and we’re giving you a peek behind the curtain for what has worked for us at Powerhouse Women. From the breakdown of how we monetize Powerhouse Women Event to what […]


September 14, 2023

How To Monetize Community + Event

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” We know it can be difficult to connect with people who understand...

How To Create Next Level Friendships With People Who Inspire You To Level Up You always hear us saying, you’re not meant to do business (or life) alone, and we mean it! How do you actually level up and get around people who lift you up when you don’t have those connections yet? This question […]


September 12, 2023

Making Friends Who Help You Level Up

Embrace your fear and unleash your magnetic energy. Tune in to hear about the power of doing things scared instead of waiting for perfection.

The Secret to Getting Into Action + Making Your Big Dream Your Reality Want to know my very favorite part of the Powerhouse Women Event each year? It’s getting to sit down with our Women to Watch Panel. (Like…if the Powerhouse Women Event is our Superbowl of the year, that would make our Women to […]


September 7, 2023

The Secret to Getting Into Action

Communities facilitate growth and helps support organization's business models.

Episode 477. Monetize Your Big Idea: Mindset Habits of 6 + 7-Figure CEOs If you want to change your results, change your habits! Something we’re super passionate about here at Powerhouse Women is helping you step into your big idea & make a massive impact (and the income to match). In this episode, I’m sharing […]


September 5, 2023

Mindset Habits of 6 + 7-Figure CEOs

Don’t be afraid to start small. Consider this episode your permission slip to dream as big as you possibly can.

Chatbots & How To Effectively Use Them In Your Social Media Strategy With Anna Tutckaia, Head Of Marketing At ManyChat Anna Tutckaia, a self-made marketing maven and head of the marketing team at ManyChat, left her business in Russia to pursue a new start in the United States. Her success is a testament to the […]


August 31, 2023

How to Effectively Use Chatbots

In a world that celebrates the overnight success story, are you willing to show up and create the results that you desire?